Closed Championships Entries

Bury TT Championships 2018 - Entries So Far

Sunday April 8th at Hulme Grammar School Sports Hall, Chamber Road, Oldham, OL8 4DJ

*Note the venue is the sports hall - not the grammar school*

To find the venue if you are coming up chamber road as it starts to get steep look out for slightly recessed gate posts on your left hand side - the hall is through those posts. When coming up the steep hill if you reach the traffic lights you have gone too far. Alternatively if you are coming down chamber road go through the lights and the recessed posts are about 30 yards on your right hand side.

The car park can hold about 30 cars so if you aren’t early you will struggle to get on the car park in which case you will need to park on the surrounding streets.

I will arrive approximately 8.00 so you can turn up any time after that. We do NOT have access to the venue the day before and setting up will be done on the morning so if you have 15 minutes to spare please arrive early (a) to bag a car parking space, and (b) to assist with setting up.

The order of play (approx) will be:

9.00am Open Singles Group Stages*
11.30am Doubles
12noon Juniors, 50’s & Super Veterans
1.30pm Divisional Handicaps
1.30pm Continuation of all events

Any questions or queries please feel free to call on 07808 863 834

Bury TT Match Secretary / Overlord

Name Club Open Singles Over 50's Over 60's Div 1 H'Cap Div 2 H'Cap Div 3 H'Cap Div 4 H'Cap Div 5 H'Cap Juniors Doubles Doubles Partner
Simon King Prestwich TTC B Simon Walsh
Nadeem Ahmed Prestwich TTC C Steve Barber
Jacob Reilly Cooper Prestwich TTC C Steve Hathaway
Steve Hathaway Prestwich TTC C Jacob Reilly Cooper
Mick Dore Radcliffe Sam Wells
Ben Armstrong Burning Desire
Ian Quinn Carlton Club A
Steve Barber Carlton Club Nadeem Ahmed
Daniel Olsberg Maccabi Dean Clyne
Dean Clyne Maccabi Daniel Olsberg
Simon Walsh Prestwich TTC B Simon King
Paul King Prestwich TTC B Matthew Evans
Gary Newton Carlton Club A
Sophie Newton Ramsbottom Town B
Matthew Evans Prestwich TTC B Paul King
Gabriel Wilding Prestwich TTC A Steve Collins
David Jefferson Hollinwood Joe Redikin
Joe Redikin Hollinwood David Jefferson
Rob Carter Elton Vale ELPM A Paul Carter
Paul Carter Elton Vale ELPM A Rob Carter
Adele Spibey Ramsbottom Town C Ian Cockcroft
Ian Cockcroft ELPM A Adele Spibey
Dave Holme Hollinwood Brian Hallsworth
Brian Hallsworth Prestwich Dave Holme
Steve Collins Prestwich Gabriel Wilding
Bob Bent Carlton Coburg TBC
Mark Ramsbottom Ramsbottom Town Andy Jackson
Andy Jackson Ramsbottom Town Mark Ramsbottom
Harry Lewis Maccabi Sam Kershner
Jimmy Bollard Prestwich Dennis Bradshaw
Ken Crimes Prestwich
Dennis Bradshaw Carlton Club Jimmy Bollard
Ashley Landes Maccabi
John Foster Carlton Club Stuart Carter
Stuart Carter Carlton Club John Foster
Jason Wild Seedfield Mass Khan
Ian McKenzie Seedfield
John Hilton Elton Vale SC Steve Robertson
Steve Robertson Elton Vale SC John Hilton
Mark Dunning ANSA Elevators
Lukasz Serdiuk St Marys A Robert Werpachowski
Robert Werpachowski St Marys A Lukasz Serdiuk
Jenna Roach Seedfield
Joe Evans Seedfield
Jack Evans Seedfield
Mass Khan Shawfield Jason Wild
Corey Wild Seedfield Thomas Hurst
Sam Jeffries Seedfield Nathan Faun
Freddie Hughes Seedfield Reece Bond
Benjamin Strapps Seedfield Matthew Edmondson
Martyn Rolling Elton Vale - ELPM C
Sam Kershner Maccabi D Harry Lewis
Sam Wells Maccabi A Mick Dore
Nathan Faun Seedfield Sam Jeffries
Thomas Hurst Seedfield Corey Wild