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The Cup tab works the same way as the old form. Just fill in the fields in the same manner as always. Upon pressing submit an e-mail will be sent to the Match Secretary who will update the website at the earliest available opportunity.

For League Matches complete your selections using the drop down menu's. When you get to the players section then if your player does not appear in the list then select *New player* and enter the name in the field that will appear. This name will then be in the drop downs in future as it will be permanently added to the database.

If you, or your opponents, did not have a complete team of players, please create a player called "no player" and assign 0 points. If you, or your opponents, have more than one player missing then please create the player "no player 2" and assign 0 points and if you, or your opponents, had no players at all then also create "no player 3" and again assign 0 points.

If you realise that you have made a mistake then simply start again - there is a clear form button in the top right corner and also at the bottom next to the submit button. In order to successfully submit your league result then the score of the match must add up to 10 and you must enter the password for one of the 2 sides involved in the match. If you forget your teams password then please e-mail and i will send it to you.

If after submitting the result you realise a mistake has been made or if you receive your e-mail confirmation of the match and dispute the result then please e-mail and i will correct the result in the database.

As soon as your result has been submitted then the league tables, wins and results will automatically update on the website. Upon submitting a result a copy of the result will automatically be sent to both team captains.

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